Ever since she picked up an old Canon AE1 still camera at the age of 13, she knew she would never stop looking through the eye of a lens.
With a strong desire to learn the craft, Nada joined her highschool film and video club and developed love for the small and big screens. Working on documentary films that advocate for change in war affected Bosnia and Herzegovina, she found her passion in making films that challenge the status quo. 

Nada Stjepanovic, a Bosnian native, moved to New York City to pursue the art of cinematography and directing. She graduated from the BFA Film and Video Production program at The City College of New York, with a minor in Studio Art - Photography. She continues to pursue a Master in Cinema Arts -Cinematography at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

With a strong passion for visual storytelling, and a chaotic life teeming with stories, she lives to depict the daily struggles of ordinary people on the big screen.